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Seville's Real Alcazar Palace.

The Real Alcazar Palace in Seville is a UNESCO World Heritage site and a highlight of any time in the city. I was afforded a cloudless morning when I visited in January and darted away from the light crowds for some solitary moments around the grounds. After a quick wander, I ended up in a small courtyard. As you can see from the sky above and the creeping sunshine, a gorgeous day was ahead.

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Ubrique, Spain at Night

Ubrique in Spain's Sierra de Cadiz, lit at night.

While Ubrique is a town known best for fine leather, its charm rivals – if not exceeds – its manufacturing fame. Clinging to a hilltop in Spain’s Sierra de Cádiz, Ubrique at night provides a mix of beauty and intrigue, with its stone streets curving around the white buildings characteristic of the region. I spent a quiet Friday night in January scaling Ubrique’s angled alleys and photographing the sights and scenes I encountered. [click to continue…]

Observation Hill Amboseli Kenya

Getting out of the safari car is a big no-no as a general rule, so the ability to do so is a special thrill. Observation Hill in Kenya’s Amboseli National Park provides an opportunity to walk for a few minutes and enjoy the views of Mt. Kilimanjaro and the surrounding savanna.

In March, the return of rain to this part of the world transforms swathes of the park into marshlands. As a result, the calm experienced on top of Observation Hill is regularly broken by the calls of dozens of hippos in the surrounding waters.

A zebra crossing the Mara River in the Masaai Mara, Kenya.

Some of the most iconic safari images are those that capture the great migration in Kenya, with massive herds of wildebeests or zebras traversing the Mara River. The action shots of this natural wonder are typically of a crocodile chomping on one of the unlucky herd members. I took the above photograph in the Mara in December, at which point most of the migrating animals were on the Tanzanian portion of this single savanna divided by a political boundary. [click to continue…]