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Back to Spain with #SierradeCadiz

Grazalema Sierra Cadiz Spain

It’s been too long. Over two and a half years. But I am headed to back to one of my favorite destinations next month: Spain! I’m excited to announce that I’ve been invited to participate in the #SierradeCadiz Blogtrip by El Grupo de Desarollo Rural (GDR) Sierra de Cádiz as part of its @ConectalaSierra program. The trip will help me connect with a beautiful corner of southern Spain in precisely the manner I prefer: through its food, culture and landscapes. So what exactly will I be doing in the Sierra de Cádiz?

One thing is for certain – I’ll be sampling and enjoying the local cuisine. I’ve already begun researching the typical dishes of the region. Soups, game and trout are some of the specialties and I’m sure the preparation of the traditional meals has been perfected through generations of home chefs. The Sierra de Cádiz is well known for its cheeses. Among the main cheeses in the region are Payoyo (goat) and El Bosqueño, an artisan goat and sheep cheese. With Jerez nearby, a glass or two of sherry should be in order, as well as a taste of the reds and whites produced in the region. Expect some hunger and thirst-evoking shots on my Instagram feed.

queso payoyo

Image source

Much of the Sierra de Cádiz lies within the Sierra de Grazalema Natural Park. This protected area is filled with limestone caves, bird life and natural beauty. I’m hoping to get some close-ups of the vultures found in this park with my recently purchased 70-300mm lens and will be searching out landscapes to capture during optimal hours of the day.

I’ll be visiting some of the most picturesque towns of the Sierra de Cádiz, including Grazalema and Zahara de la Sierra, one of the most photographed sites in Spain. These towns are part of the famed “Pueblos Blancos” (“White Towns”), which are characterized by their white-washed walls and reddish brown roofs. I remember driving by these towns on one of my first trips to Spain and regretting that they were not part of the itinerary – so a longstanding travel wish finally will be fulfilled.

Zahara de la Sierra

As someone who is an ardent supporter of makers, I’m looking forward to getting some first-hand knowledge of the area’s leather manufacturers, who supply many famous brands worldwide. Additionally, there will be a chance to learn about the bullfighting history of the Sierra de Cádiz, which has supplied famous toreros, such as Jesulín de Ubrique.

Above all, the Sierra de Cádiz will provide some opportunities for stunning photographs. With its dramatic terrain, the views should be sublime. I should also be able to take some aerial shots from a small plane and, if I get up the courage, maybe even paraglide! Be sure to follow my Twitter and Instagram accounts in late January to keep up with my #SierradeCadiz exploits.

Many thanks to the GDR Sierra de Cádiz for the invitation to join in #SierradeCadiz as part of the @ConectalaSierra program.

Attribution for image at the top of the page: “GrazalemaDesdeCamping” by El PanteraOwn work. Licensed under GFDL via Wikimedia Commons.

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