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Monday Morning Photo – Oromia Landscape in Ethiopia

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Who knew Ethiopia was so green? The misconceptions about African’s second-most populous country abound, but many of its landscapes swiftly debunk any idea of Ethiopia as a dry, infertile nation. The image above was taken far off the tourist path in the Oromia region. The Oromo ethnic group is the largest in Ethiopia and their region covers a large swath of the central and southern portions of the country.

A half-day’s journey on minibuses and a converted school bus from Addis Ababa, Huruta lies 15 km from the nearest paved road. Subsistence farming appeared to be the main use of the land and an atypically dry afternoon at the height of the rainy season dragged on calmly, save the occasional passing truck. With a recent heavy spat of rain, the fields of teff and other crops burst with color against the clouds.

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