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Wednesday Roamers


Wednesday Roamers is a group of enthusiastic and adventurous travel bloggers who have joined to bring travelling to a new level of interaction. The group will be organizing activities on social media and hosting travel photography challenges aimed at enhancing what we all love – sharing travel stories. The bloggers who will be leading this exciting venture are:

Manouk from Bunch of Backpackers


Manouk is a Dutch blogger who loves traveling independently and collecting authentic local experiences. Bunch of Backpackers is full of travel tips, inspiration and colorful photography. Her travel exploits stretch from Switzerland to Surinam and she’s got some further European trips upcoming this fall.

Jules and Christine from Don’t Forget to Move


This couple inspires their readers to “travel deeper for cheaper.” Australian Jules and Californian Christine have notched over 30 countries across 6 continents in their travels. In doing so, they’ve collected a wealth of travel advice and photography which they share on their site.

Jon from Jon is Traveling

Jon is Traveling Wednesday Roamers

Jon is a travel blogger from New Zealand who has spent extensive time in Asia. His posts often touch on pop culture and the mix of humor and travel you find on his site works nicely. If you’re looking for a virtual trip to a Southeast Asian beach, spend an hour on Jon is Traveling.

Margherita and Nick from The Crowded Planet


This writer/photographer duo based in Italy brings a love of adventure travelling and festivals to their readers and our group. Their site has amazing nature photography from their continuous exploration of the outdoor world. Margherita and Nick will be featuring Turkey, Madagascar and the Alps in coming months, so get excited for more stories and images.

The Instagram Photo Challenge
The first initiative from the Wednesday Roamers will be an Instagram photo challenge. Beginning Wednesday, August 6th, tag your best Instagram shots with #WeRoamPhoto to enter the contest. The following Wednesday, the winner and their photo will be featured on the Facebook page of one of the hosts! We look forward to seeing your photos. Come roam with us! #WeRoam